Above all, Pioneers is dedicated to exceptional service.  Because it’s so vital to our mission, we reward Pioneers units that make an extraordinary impact through community service, chapter management, community impact, and fundraising.
We also reward individual Pioneers who go above and beyond to spark change in their communities.

Download the 2009 - 2011 Awards Manual Key Updates Document

 Pioneers Award Categories

   1. Chapter of Excellence (
overview and application)
        Updated in 2010! 

   2. Community Impact (
overview and application
    3. Excellence in Fundraising (
overview and application
        New in 2009! 
    4. Project Excellence (
overview and application)
      a. Education
      b. Life Enrichment
      c. Health and Human Services
      d. Environment
      e. Military 
    5. Individual Pioneer Excellence (
overview and application)

    6. *Excellence in New Member Growth (overview)
          New in 2010

    7. *Excellence in Volunteer Engagement (overview)
          New in 2010 

    8. *Vice President’s Honorary/Honourary Award (overview)
          New in 2009! 
    9. *Chairman’s Award (overview)
 - Updated in 2010

  10. *President's Honorary/Honourary Award (overview)
          New in 2010

*Note:  Units do not submit applications for the Excellence in New Member Growth or the Excellence in Volunteer Engagement Awards.  The winners are chosen form data pulled by Denver Headquarters from Volunteer Now. 

In addition, Units do not submit applications for the Chairman's, Vice President's, or the Pioneers President's Awards.  The winner(s) of the Chairman's Award are the highest scoring Chapter of Excellence submission(s).  The Vice President's and Pioneers President's Awards are chosen from the Project Excellence, Excellence in Fundraising or Community Impact submissions.

Questions regarding the awards program can be directed to your respective Awards Committee Member.

Awards Committee Members

Gloria Pazel, AT&T Pioneers

Laura McAdam, AT&T Pioneers

Bev Cyca, Canadian Pioneers

Jan Webster, New Outlook Pioneers

Kathy Herman, Qwest Pioneers

Jackie Gunn, Verizon/FairPoint/Frontier/Telcordia Pioneers