dodds funds

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The E. B. Dodds Fund was established in 1983.  The money was left to the Telephone Pioneers (currently the Pioneers, a Volunteer Network) by Earl B. Dodds, who specified in his will that the “bequest be used by the Association Executive Committee in the promotion of community service activities by telephone employees, active and retired.”

Distributuion Process:  

Each year, the Pioneers Headquarters in Denver, CO, will award $40,000 to the sponsor/self-sponsored groups and distribute it based on the percent of total membership per group.  See overview for further information.




Any Pioneers Unit is eligible to apply for the E. B. Dodds grant. 

As of 2010, the Dodds Funds are “organizationally unrestricted” however; each Vice President may “earmark” their respective funds at the group level if they so choose. 

Each sponsor/self-sponsored group will communicate the Dodds Fund requirements/earmarks, process, deadlines and winners to their respective membership.