Pioneers Pilot Projects

For the past 100 years Pioneers have developed and implemented grass roots projects and programs in both urban and rural areas.  The projects and programs are developed in response to needs identified through local community contacts and partnerships.  The community need, volunteer motivators and preferences and sponsor company needs are then married to create projects that engage non-Pioneers, recruit new members, retain loyal volunteers, create visibility for Pioneers, achieve corporate social responsibility objectives and further the mission of the Pioneers.

In 2009 and 2010, Pioneers piloted four initiatives across the United States and Canada. 

Pioneers Environmental Initiative - Sparking a Clean, Green Planet

Given the recent world focus on the combination of environmental awareness and clean energy, the Pioneers combined elements of our current grass-roots beautification projects with the living green concept.  In this project, Pioneers clean and beautify their communities and distribute eco-friendly tote bags that include local recycling information and an energy efficient light bulb.

Pioneers Literacy Project - Spark the Love of Reading

Supporting education, especially literacy, has been a long-time focus of the Pioneers’ community service initiatives.  In this project, Pioneers and Sponsor Company employees collect and donate new books to elementary aged children through a fun school-based literacy event where students will be able to take books home, play games, have stories read to them and enjoy a fun day of literacy…sparking their love of reading.

Pioneers Military Mission - Sparking Support for Soldiers and Their Families

This project takes the shoe box for a soldier project to a whole new level.  In addition to providing comfort kits to members of the military who are deployed overseas, Pioneers also assist the families of those soldiers.  To help address the financial and lifestyle stresses of the soldier’s families, Pioneers include them in the packing of the comfort kits and the social activity as well as present them with a pack of gift cards to help alleviate some of their financial burdens. 


Volunteer Opportunities

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