All the comforts of home

The Veterans Community Project’s mission is to make a difference in the lives of homeless veterans by building a specialized community of tiny homes and onsite services to provide housing stability to help address the underlying cause of the veterans’ homelessness.

The four-acre subdivision of 10 tiny houses being built in Kansas City, Missouri was nearly complete.

But before the first veterans moved in, the 240-square-foot structures needed to be furnished, so they could become warm, welcoming homes for their deserving occupants.

That’s when Pioneers in the community stepped in. They helped contribute $50,000 toward this worthy project. They also set up special registries at department stores and encouraged the public to make purchases. Pioneers held the items until the houses were ready for move-in day.

Future plans for the new neighborhood include a community center and as many as 50 temporary living units — offering local Pioneers another opportunity to give back to veterans who have so courageously served their country.