Get Creative: Crafting, Writing and Baking Projects

During the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, here are some new creative ways you can make an impact in your local community through crafts, baking, writing letters, and more.

Greeting Cards and Ornaments

Gather up your old greeting cards and glue guns! Old cards can be repurposed to make placemats, gift tags, and even new holiday ornaments! For gift card tags to donate or sell at fundraisers, simply cut up old cards, then punch a hole and tie a ribbon through them. For placemats, tear up the cards and glue them to plastic placemats and cover with adhesive or mod podge. And now you have some small items to donate to nursing homes and residential centers for a bit of holiday cheer. And, finally, check out this website, Felt Magnet, for creative ideas on how to craft holiday ornaments for gifts or donation.

Pen and Paper

If you don’t have crafting or sewing skills, no worries, you just need pen and paper to help out. Plain, old-fashioned letters are always welcomed by veterans and especially military members serving overseas. Click here for resources about how to write and send letters to our veterans and active military. If you want to pull out the markers and construction paper, Cardz for Kidz! will deliver handmade cards to hospitals and care centers to provide encouragement for both children and seniors facing health issues.

Cake and Cupcakes

Are you stress baking but don’t want to eat all those calories? Put those skills to good use by baking birthday cakes and cupcakes for children in the foster care system. This Cake 4 Kids organization seeks volunteers to bake birthday cakes for underserved children in foster or group homes. You bake, they deliver.