Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Following Hurricane Harvey, Pioneers in south Texas have stepped up to help their community members in need. Even though many of them have suffered personal losses, these Pioneers are still doing their part to help others. One way they are doing so is through the No Bare Feet project.

This project was originally founded to supply clean socks to school children whose families cannot afford them through a partnership with Life Houston. However, following the devastation of the hurricane, No Bare Feet has been expanded to include other clothing items, such as t-shirts and undergarments, and to provide items for adults as well.

True to the Pioneering spirit, the South Texas chapter has also received donations from other Pioneers chapters across the country.

While the work in Texas is far from complete, Pioneers are committed to serving their community for the long haul. They will continue to move forward – and to ensure that the individuals suffering are not forgotten.