Pilot Dogs: A Match Made in Dog Heaven

The Southeast Council Pioneers chapter in Columbus/Zanesville, Ohio continue to support the local Pilot Dogs service organization.

Pilot Dogs provides guide dogs to individuals who are blind and/or visually impaired or have other disabilities. Roughly 20% of Americans have reported hearing loss and every seven minutes, someone becomes blind or visually impaired. Many people need access to the resources and assistance a trained service dog can provide.

Pioneers help the Pilot Dogs organization by assisting with socializing new litters of puppies. When the puppies are 6-8 weeks old, Pioneers volunteer and help get the puppies socialized. Their task is to show the puppies new faces, sounds, and experiences—and Pioneers have a lot of fun doing it!

In 2019, Pioneers volunteered 200 hours of time to this project helping golden retriever, lab, and poodle puppies become socialized. These puppies have unbounded energy, and they love having new people to play with.

Pioneers leave knowing that once their mission is accomplished the guide dogs will go out into the world and provide a disabled person mobility and friendship.