Smokey Mountain Service Dogs

To support our disabled veterans, Pioneers in Knoxville, Tennessee embarked on a project to partner with the Smokey Mountain Service Dog organization.

Smokey Mountain Service Dogs provides service dogs to disabled veterans. The organization believes that many disabled veterans can experience a higher level of societal and community involvement and acceptance through effective use of a service dog.

Currently, the wait list for service dogs is growing exponentially. Because each dog is trained for over a year, this requires a major commitment from volunteers and partners.

To support Smokey Mountain Service Dogs, Pioneers assist with fundraising and other projects to benefit the service dogs, which in turn, benefits individuals in need. This work allowed for service dogs to be donated at no cost to wounded veterans.

Pioneers also participate in opportunities to socialize the dogs and prepare them for their life with their future family, including involving the dogs in other Pioneer projects.

The impact of this program is nothing less than life changing for veterans and their families. Being able to return to their communities with the aid of these great service dogs gives them the dignity they deserve and is a small way to thank them for our freedom.