PAC Training and Reference Guides

Welcome to the Pioneers Accounting Center online financial training and reference page.  Here you will find handy reference guides and financial forms, including the TPF1 Voucher for submitting expenses and deposits to the Pioneers Accounting Center.

Below are links to several documents that will assist you in your role as Treasurer.  Please take a moment to review the Pioneers Financial Practices, which covers all Pioneers Unit financial practices and procedures. 

WebEx Training Calendar

PAC Reference Materials
All reference materials can be downloaded to your computer for future reference and distribution to those members that do not have access to a computer.

Pioneers Financial Practices
   The Pioneers Financial Practices document covers all Unit financial practices and procedures.

General Ledger Account Code Glossary  
   The glossary is a listing of income and expense account codes,
   and will assist you in choosing the appropriate account code for your transactions.

Pioneers Project ID Listing   
   The project ID listing is a defined listing of the project IDs that are currently available,
   and will assist you in choosing the appropriate project ID for your transaction.

TPF1 Voucher Examples for all Transaction Types 
   This guide gives examples of how to fill out the TPF1 voucher for all transaction types.

Chapter Monthly Report Guide 
   The monthly report guide will help you read and understand your monthly financial statements. 

PAC financial forms       
Budget Worksheet                                                            
Event Cash Activity Sheet                                         
Inventory Worksheet                                                        
Meeting Expense Worksheet

TP22 (Cash) 
TP22 (Non-cash)                             
IRS 5754

TPF1 Voucher