California Pioneers Participate in Heal the Bay

One of the five service areas that Pioneers focuses on is the environment. To show their commitment to preserving the environment for future generations, a group of Pioneers in California participated in a project with Heal the Bay.

Heal the Bay is an environmental group working to restore the Santa Monica Bay. The Heal the Bay program is done at the beach and in coastal areas to ensure the landscape remains a healthy place for both people and wildlife for years to come.

During this project, Pioneers protected and cared for the bay by participating in a beach clean up project. They were provided with buckets to collect materials and walked up and down the beach, ensuring that it was clean and beautiful.

This project allowed Pioneers to directly impact their local community and ocean wildlife, and it also set an example for the community of how to fight pollution and care the environment. These Pioneers are helping to keep our oceans healthy for many generations to come.