Caring for our environment is important to Pioneers. You will see us cleaning up parks and beaches, building trails and ramps and championing recycle projects. Our service projects make our hometowns cleaner, greener, safer and more inviting.

Recycling T-shirts into dog chew toys for animal shelter, collecting pop-top aluminum tabs and Christmas tree recycling are just a few of the many ways we are helping the environment and living green movement.

Environment Stories

Ward Butterfly Garden

Pioneers in Texas created a butterfly garden that helped the environment and educated local school children.... Continue Reading

California Pioneers Participate in Heal the Bay

To show their commitment to preserving the environment for future generations, Pioneers in California cleaned up a local beach.... Continue Reading

From Seed to Supper: Pioneers Dig in to Help Kids ‒ and Gardens ‒ Grow

The New Vision Pioneers in New Hampshire think about the process often, because they have been volunteering with local schools for several years to teach children how to cultivate and grow vegetables and herbs — starting with seeds.... Continue Reading

The Teachers Supply Storehouse

The Teachers Supply Storehouse in Georgia helps both teachers and the environment.... Continue Reading

T-Shirt Tug Toys for Sheltered Animals

Pioneers in Los Angeles, California devised a clever project to turn t-shirts into dog toys.... Continue Reading