Legacy West Pioneers Create Dignity Bags

Legacy West Pioneers have put in over 780 hours of volunteer time creating over 220 Dignity Bags.

The Dignity Bags take many forms depending on who they are intended for, but they usually contain hygiene and personal care items. Frequently, they include items like toothpaste, a toothbrush, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, razors, a comb or brush, socks, a washcloth, and a hat or gloves (depending on the time of year).

Once a month, a group of Pioneers meet to create the bags, and then the Dignity Bags are donated. The Dignity Bags are given to groups like the YWCA, the Ronald McDonald House, Primary Children’s Hospital, Candy Cane Corner during the holiday season, the local Highway Patrol Station, and other local groups. Some Pioneers also keep Dignity Bags in their cars, as well as Hug-A-Bears, so that they are always prepared if they see a need.

Sometime Pioneers also create bags for specific occasions, such as bags for baby showers for teenagers who are pregnant.

Overall, Legacy West Pioneers continue to work to reach as many people as they can and to meet the call of those in need by creating Dignity Bags.