The Teachers’ Supply Storehouse

For Pioneers in Marietta, Georgia, coming up with a plan to help local teachers also meant that they could help the environment – and that’s exactly what they did when they created the Teachers’ Supply Storehouse, a project that provides teachers with the school supplies needed to run their classrooms effectively.

The Teachers Supply Storehouse holds several open houses throughout the year. Local educators can attend the event free of charge and get much needed the supplies, such as binders, books, pens, markers, craft supplies, file folders and more.

Not only do the teachers get what they need, the Teachers’ Supply Storehouse is also an excellent opportunity for local manufacturers, industries, and businesses to make an environmental impact. By donating unused or unwanted items for use in local classrooms, these businesses are able to keep hundreds of boxes of usable items out of landfills.

Since it began, the Teachers’ Supply Storehouse has benefited thousands of teachers and students by providing materials to create engaging, educational classrooms — and it has also helped the environment by giving unused items a new purpose.