West Virginia Pioneers Support our Veterans

The West Virginia chapter of New Vision Pioneers continue their long-term focus on supporting our veterans through their work at the Beckley V.A. Medical Center and the Louis J. Johnson Veterans Hospital.

For the past 10 years, Pioneers have supported our “Lady Vets.” There is not enough attention given to the female veterans who served this country. Their needs are very different from those of male veterans, and Pioneers work to accommodate those needs. They provide female veterans with care packages including personal care products, socks, a special item to call their own, and much more.

Another objective for these Pioneers is to provide food to the veterans at the Louis J. Johnson Veterans Hospital. When veterans travel for testing or treatment, they usually travel by bus and do not have food to bring with them. Pioneers purchase and package food items so the vets have something to eat while traveling.

These Pioneers have a strong commitment to assisting and honoring our veterans who have fought for our freedom. They believe that it is essential that we take care of them just as they have taken care of us.